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【 2012/2013 】

  1. 1, Hanabi ~篠笛~ Music:狂笛子(Kurui Fueko)
  2. 2, meandMe Music:hajime
  3. 3, GGR Music:Mio Suzuki
  4. 4, Hanabi ~Ein bitterer kuchen~ Music:Mio Suzuki
  5. 5, Deep French Music:hajime
  6. 6, Hanabi ~nanonanonano~ Music:Mio Suzuki









【 miom RK 】

  • 1, moshi moshi
  • 2, Tripppp
  • 3, fqVoyage
  • 4, Dogheart
  • 5, uminoko
  • 6, KC bue

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Six tracks, six journeys. From everyday walks in your neighbourhood to carefree yet nostalgic road trips with best friends, from navigating the labyrinth of a big city to getting lost in a vast, empty wilderness - everywhere we go, following our every footstep - light.

Quiet transparence of midday, deep grey twilight of the seas, soft shades of dusk, violent neons of the night and finally the pure, ultimate whiteness of the sun - it's all here in the lo-fi synths, cheap drum machines, vintage casette-corder samples and, above all, the shimmering sounds of the flute.